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By using Search Infinite website and services, you agree to the following Privacy Policy. Protecting your privacy is our utmost priority. Should you disagree with the policy, you must refrain from using the website and all associated services.


Search Infinite is solely subject to British Virgin Islands Law.


Data collection


We do not collect any of our visitorsí personal information. We record absolutely no personally identifiable data from our visitors.


We protect your privacy by means of our policy not to collect any personally identifiable data. Other website operators can use your IP address and information about your browser and operating system in connection with other data, to identify your computer, your place of residence and you.


Search Infinite may use Cookies which can be used to identify of a user. Cookies are small file packets which are stored on your computerís hard drive as soon as webpages are accessed.


Search Infinite completely does away with statistics and analyses on its visitors in order to protect your privacy. We may check that you are not a robot by utilizing recaptcha




Given that Search Infinite operates as a search engine and advertising provider, in addition to search results and sponsored entries, you will also find numerous links on our website. These pages, which are accessed using links, are in no way connected to Search Infinite. They are the property of and under the direction of independent companies, to which this privacy policy may not necessarily apply. Search Infinite is not responsible for the contents of these web pages and is not liable for the manner in which user data is stored. Therefore, please note that this privacy policy solely applies to the web pages belonging to Search


Email addresses


If you send comments, questions, suggestions or feedback to Search Infinite via email and provide an email address or contact information, Search Infinite uses this information to answer you. Without your consent, we solely use your data to answer your enquiry. After providing us with your consent, you have the right to revoke this consent at any time. In order to contact the company please use the following contact details




Please observe that we do not collect any kind of personal data. Consequently, Search Infinite also does not knowingly request, collect or share any information for the personal identification of users under the age of 16. The protection of childrenís privacy is of significant importance to us.


Exchange of information


Search Infinite only transmits personal data to third parties if we are legally obligated to do so (e.g. based on an official court order or if the handing over information is subpoenaed) or to avert imminent danger for the rights, the property or the safety of Search Infinite, its users or the general public as legally required.


Search Infinite is solely subject to British Virgin Islands law. Any request or demand by a government for the divulgement of information will be diligently reviewed by our legal counsel. The only legitimate reason for our beginning to collect personal data would be the existence of a legal warrant or a court order, which would require us to do so in connection with a specific user, who is suspected of such a serious crime that such a violation of his or her privacy would be justified.